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Name:Donald Eppes
Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Donald James Eppes, brother of mathemetician Charlie Eppes, lives in Los Angeles. He is an FBI Special Agent, formerly the SAC of the Albuquerque, New Mexico office, and returned home to help out after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He began attending therapy sessions in order to deal with the pressures of his work several years after her death. Due to these same pressures, Don rarely pursues a relationship that has the potential to become serious.

Don is Alan and Margaret Eppes's oldest son. When he was younger, during the Vietnam War, Don attended many "sit-ins", and watched his father get arrested twice. When the young Don became fascinated with a toy gun that his uncle gave him, his parents signed him up for Little League. This became Don's second love. He graduated high school on the same day as his younger brother Charlie, a sore spot between the brothers.

He went to college on a baseball scholarship and later played for the Stockton Rangers. His backup player did steroids and went on to the major leagues, and the impressionable Don wondered if he should have to. After a critical mistake during a game, Don quit the Rangers and the next day he took the FBI test. Don will say that baseball was his first love, but his father reveals that when he and his friends would play cops and robbers, Don was always the cop.

Not Rob, Don or associated with Numb3rs. Mun and muse are over 21.
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